Current Projects 2018

Project Falcon (Telus/Chemco) BC & AB

Directional Drilling and Trenching of Distribution and Drop Conduits and Vault Installation; Place, Splice, and Test all Cabling

Lash, Place, splice, and test

Rogers Uplift AB

Replace existing Huawei radios with new Ericsson radios

Put antenna and radio upgrades.


Rogers New Site Builds AB

Installation of new booms/pin wheel.

Antennas and radios.

MW installation.

New Microwave installations & upgrades for Telus, Rogers, and Freedom.

Tenant Buildings and Business Locations – Install, Splice, Test

Telus MXU Installs Calgary & Edmonton Telus MXU Installation

       -  Installation of OSP Fiber Optics to Greenfield and Brownfield Multi

Telus Pole Program 2017-2019 AB​

Telus Fiber BDO Program BC Vancouver and Area Telus/Shaw Pole Transfer Program AB – 3 Year Sub Contract with LTS

Pole install, removal, replacement; Transfer of cable and small cell hardware

Power Meets with local hydro contractor to hold and transfer existing telco facilities

High Loads – move and re-install aerial facilities in conjunction with transport permits to facilitate oversized loads moving within Alberta


Shaw Hub Site Build Spruce Grove AB (Weise Communicaitons)

Rogers Electrical Upgrades AB (Weise Communications)

Rogers Technical Upgrades AB (Weise Communications)

Shaw upgrades West Edmonton (Weise Communications)


Past Projects

Directional Drilling and Trenching of Distribution and Drop Conduits and Vault Installatio; Place, Splice, and Test all Cabling

West Edmonton 2017 – Approx. 6000m and 60 Vaults installed in 90 Days utilizing 10,000lb drill and 20,000 lb drill plus 140 individual house drops. Install, splice and test all distribution and drop cabling. 0 Utility Strikes or LTI’s

Terrace 2016/2017 – Overbuild of approx. 3000m in challenging terrain as well as replacing multiple vaults. Place, splice and test all underground cable.

Castlegar 2016 - Overbuild of approx. 1800m in extremely challenging terrain as well as replacing multiple vaults

Vancouver/Mission/Surrey/White Rock 2016/2017 – Overbuild household drops, proofing and repairing existing conduits and installing new conduits as necessary utilizing a directional drill.

Ponoka/Wetaskiwin/Stettler/Peace River 2015 – Install distribution conduits and approximately 1000 drops utilizing Zahn Plow and 10,000lb Directional Drill

Aerial Infrastructure Division

Telus Falcon Project – Sub Contract with Ledcor Technical Services and Quanta Telecom

Place, splice, and test approximately 80 FSA’s (Fiber Service Areas) in 2017

FTTX Drop Installation (Aerial) –16-24 Technicians installing house drops at a rate of 100-150/day for the past 16 months utilizing ladders, pole climbing, and bucket trucks in Ucluelet, Tofino, Sooke, Grand Forks, Terrace, Vancouver, Burnaby, Mission, Surrey, White Rock, Fort St John, Penticton


Tower and Antenna Division

NWTel Axe Creek Tower Demolition 2013 – Sub Contract to Vertec

Simultaneous Demolition of 2 x 350’ Plus Towers, full site reclamation completed on extremely short notice with tight deadline just before Christmas

NWTel and Rogers Tower Reinforcing 2014/2015/2016 – Sub Contract to Vertec

Splice Plate and Horizontal Reinforcing, Plumb and Tension of Heavy Duty Guyed Mast in Inuvik, NT – ATV/Helicopter Access Only

Foundation Reinforcing on piers at Chicken Neck near Dease Lake, BC

Splice Reinforcing utilizing Welding at Heights on Rogers Site Comox W0124

Rogers Guy Line Replacement

Alberta First Responders Radio Communication System (AFRRCS) 2014/2015 – Sub Contract with Ledcor Technical Services

Installation of radio equipment on 40+ sites plus multiple greenfield builds including guyed masts, self supporting towers, rooftops, and foundations

Repair of multiple deficiencies resulting from other contractors

Multiple Microwave Projects for Telus and Rogers, Sub Contracted through Weisse Communications, Sky Tech Construction, Vertec Communications, Top Team Communications

Rogers Huawei Upgrades and Make Ready – Make Ready component was completed direct to Rogers and Radio Upgrades completed through Valard Construction (Quanta Telecom) and Sky Tech Construction